So It Begins

After the success of their recent Songs From The Musicals Concert it was clear that Theatre Voices Ambleside were capable of much more than a simple concert and what better way to showcase their talents than a Christmas production.  There was certainly some trepidation in the group however after outlining my plans for the show it was full steam ahead.  Having only just completed the script we’re all looking forward to starting rehearsals in the Autumn.

It’s definitely an exciting project for the group, especially since we’ve only been up and running a short time and by the time we’ve performed The Christmas Gift, the group won’t even be a year old.

The show is utilising the talents of Theatre Voices Ambleside and not just their singing talents; I’m finding out we have some very talented actors, narrators and storytellers.

I have to add that there is still time for new members to join the group, so if you’re interested in joining Theatre Voices Ambleside, why not come along on Wednesday 6th September to our first Autumn rehearsal and find out what we’re all about.